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   IN A NUTSHELL about us

Trojan Pest Control has developed with the sole aim of managing pests in Australia. We have an efficient team who works hard to deliver expert pest control services in domestic and commercial areas. The team members are from the local area and thus they know about the pests that might attack a particular area. Our technicians are trained to handle different types of pests and use quality products that will ensure the best possible pest control. We do not claim to be the leading name. We have a small but strong team that works hard for the satisfaction of our clients. We do not have high prices but we offer quality to make an impact on our clientele. We ensure quality at affordable rates.

Trojan Pest Control is working to enhance your lives and help you get a healthy environment. When you live in a healthy environment you reduce the risk of health hazards. Your property will be safe for residing as you get the assistance from us. The products we use are environment friendly. The pets in your house will not be affected with our pest control measures.

   why choose us

Low toxicity chemicals are used by our team. The products are chosen that will be effective for pest control and at the same time will not affect the health of any individual if comes in close contact. We use environment friendly chemicals that are safe even for the pets in your house. Our products are solely made to eradicate pests.
We have technicians who are licensed to perform the pest control activities. The technicians have insurance as they have been working to serve as the best pest controllers for years. Their experience has made us possible to provide all our clients with such high quality service. Because of the experience of our workers we are able to provide you a warranty of 6 months.
We offer our services in all of metropolitan area of Sydney. Our service covers all commercial and residential sectors.   Our aim is keeping our clients happy with our sincere service. Clients choose us for the honesty in our work. We are punctual and always be at the job on time. We listen to problems dedicatedly and we gladly accept to spend some time to clear it all.
We are not among the big names but we strive to reach their level some day with our hard work and efficiency. With dedicated clients we are in the path to reach the summit. Our clients choose us as we offer effective services at reasonable prices. We have a small team and thus we are able to keep our prices to a minimum. Client satisfaction is the goal of our small yet effective team.