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    Cockroaches and Silver Fish Treatment

Cockroaches are the most predominant pest seen in most households. No matter weather or climate they are regular problem if not taken proper measures of treatment. We offer treatment to remove cockroaches and never to come back again at least within the warranty period. We use chemicals that do not have any foul smell. They are environmentally friendly and have no adverse effects on humans or pets at home. The main place of homes where you will find cockroaches is the kitchen. You do not need to leave the kitchen or house while the treatment is done. We believe in eco friendly measures that are not harmful for anyone other than pests.

Silverfish is the other common pest after cockroaches. They look like small fish and usually silver in color. They feed in anything that has starch in it. You can find them in old books, photographs, glue and many more places. They move very fast from one place to other. They tend to settle in places where there is presence of glucose. These insects do not have wings and a fully grown silver fish usually measures ½ inch long. We work in treating areas initially that can result to become the source of silverfish. If there is high amount if moisture in any particular place that is to be rectified. Humidity allows different pests to settle in that place and thus creating problems.