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    Bird Lice and Bird Proofing

We have professionals who work to inspect the interiors and exteriors of the house at your call to check if your house needs bird proofing solutions. We locate the nest and do the removal. As we identify the location it becomes easier for us to do the rest of the work. We do not use chemical sprays that harms the environment, kids or pets at home. If there are mites on the bird we will stop those mites from entering the house premises. We will explain beforehand how we do the job. If you agree to our methods we will do the work on the very same day.

Birds like pigeons release their droppings that can be harmful for humans. The mites in the bodies of the birds increase to a great extent in the season of summer. These mites cause severe itching and blotching on the skin of humans. People with sensitive skin face problems of itching. Our professional works to inspect the area before applying the pest control measures. We use safe insecticides that does not have adverse reaction when comes in contact with dust.